Our Programs

Our programs empower communities to develop skills, knowledge, networks and strategies to access their rights and participate in decision-making.


In Asia our programs prioritize:
-Addressing gaps in rights protections for women, workers and rights defenders.
-Enhancing rights awareness and legal empowerment. 
-Sharing international experience.
-Strengthening access to information and public participation.
-Raising awareness about the right to privacy and digital security.


In Africa, our work is:
-Empowering youth, particularly girls and young women, and increasing opportunities available to them.
-Improving youth access to health services and enrichment opportunities.
-Supporting youth entrepreneurship and leadership.
-Providing support to children with intellectual disabilities.
-Exploring opportunities for supporting grassroots participation in government decision-making.

Global Networks

Our Global Networks program is:   
 -Working to develop opportunities to bring diverse civil society representatives together to share experience, build understanding and collaboratively strengthen human rights and accountability.
-Exploring how discrimination  impacts the protection of workers rights.
-Examining strategies for addressing disinformation in different contexts.